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The iDevelopMyself Alpha Platform is a sample of the style and quality of functional entertainment and short courses from some of the greatest authors, coaches and minds of our time. 

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Get ready to uplift your mental state and train your subconscious mind. By tuning in to some of the best voices and artists, you will have the ability to consciously choose your mental states and form habits that support a fulfilling life.


Showcasing a completely new way we can learn and connect and move through the world. Creating wellness districts in the VR world, offering a sanctuary of immersive experiences in 3D.

Money Mindset

Learn about the surprising Connection Between Meditation and Wealth. Most people are afraid of being successful and have internal blocks an limiting beliefs that need to be addressed before they can truly manifest wealth and financial abundance in their lives. 



Learn how the 'new rich' are creating their own businesses to fuel their desires and serve others in a meaningful way. 


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